Bogota Summit 2017

Thought leadership

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the World Bank spoke to Ambassador Selina Leem for her take on the future of her country, Marshall Islands.

Here's what Ambassadors are doing to make the world's unhappiest countries a better place to live.

Ambassador Victoria Novac details what it's like to be a young entrepreneur in Moldova.

Haitian Ambassador Marc Alain Boucicault leveraged his networks to create meaningful change - here's how you can do the same.

Today marks the six-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict. Ambassador Shahm Maskoun, a Syrian refugee now living in France, shares his story.

In an increasingly digital age, Ambassador Waseem Abu Salem of Israel is ensuring young students are equipped with the right skills. 

Ambassador Kevin Mendez leads the fight for LGBT rights and HIV prevention in his home country, Belize.

In the wake of Brexit, navigating regulation is increasingly complex. Diana Paredes, co-founder of Suade, addresses the need for “Agile Regulation”.

As Black History Month concludes, Google's Global Diversity Evangelist Annie Jean-Baptiste addresses the need for all persons to be held accountable in the fight for racial justice.